Iñigo Merino Ramos @tehen

Hi! I am Iñigo Merino and

I'm Digital Transformation expert

I work in Cloud Solutions area at SAP

I never stop learning new things

I'm passionate about the new technologies

I collaborate as a technology blogger in media

I studied in IE Business School

my colleges think I'm very creative

I never stop looking for new challenges

I help companies to take advantage of their digital transformation challenges in SAP. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots and UX/UI design. I never stop learning new things: I studied Marketing & Communication Management, major in Psychosociology of the Consumer Behaviour; then Business Administration at IE Business School. I am always looking for new challenges in my live, and I'm an authentic problem-solver professional. I worked in 3M, Microsoft and Hipertextual Media Group. I usually collaborate as a tech editor blogger for technology media (Xataka, Genbeta, A3Media, Cadena Ser). I am Global Shaper of World Economic Forum and Young Civic Leader.

You can read my blog, learn with me about technology with my videos, see my professional profile or send me an email.

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