Iñigo Merino Ramos @tehen

Hi! I am Iñigo Merino and

I'm Digital Transformation expert

I work in Cloud Solutions area at SAP

I never stop learning new things

I'm passionate about the new technologies

I collaborate as a technology blogger in media

I studied in IE Business School

my colleges think I'm very creative

I never stop looking for new challenges

I help companies to take advantage of their digital transformation challenges in SAP. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots and UX/UI design. I never stop learning new things: I studied Marketing & Communication Management, major in Psychosociology of the Consumer Behaviour; then Business Administration at IE Business School. I am always looking for new challenges in my live, and I'm an authentic problem-solver professional. I worked in 3M, Microsoft and Hipertextual Media Group. I usually collaborate as a tech editor blogger for technology media (Xataka, Genbeta, A3Media, Cadena Ser). I am Global Shaper of World Economic Forum and Young Civic Leader.

You can contact me by on LinkdeIn or send me an email.

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